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Top Insights from Thoughtexchange Customers 

We invited our customers to participate in a Thoughtexchange where they were asked to share and prioritize their experiences with our software and our team. Thank you to those who participated!

We want to continue learning from customers so we can improve, understand the things people value about Thoughtexchange, and gain insights to share with others thinking about working with us.

Over the coming weeks and months we'll be working with these results to find ways to improve what we offer and how we support our customers.

Please take a few minutes to learn what our customers have to say!

If you have any questions or thoughts to share about these results please contact me. 

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3 Steps of Thoughtexchange


Everyone shares their thoughts and ideas by answering open-ended questions


Everyone sees each other’s thoughts and adds stars to the ideas they think are important


Results are shared and everyone learns what was important to the group

Top Insights from Our Customers

Anyone that completed a project with us in the past year was invited to participate in a Thoughtexchange and were asked the following questions.

Click on any question to see five of the top thoughts and some of our responses.

What are your thoughts on how we can improve Thoughtexchange? 

What are some things you value most about Thoughtexchange?

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone else using Thoughtexchange for the first time?

Is there anything you would like to add?

Digging Deeper

We had our analysis team examine how people put stars on thoughts. People with similar interests star thoughts in similar ways. By looking at the starring patterns of people we can see groups of thoughts.

Groups of thoughts starred by most people are common interest thoughts. Groups of thoughts starred by only by small groups of people are special interest thoughts.

Click below to see the top common and special interest thoughts of those that participated in this Thoughtexchange.

You can see an visualization of these groups of thoughts in the 'Interactive Cohort Visualization' below.

Common Interests

Special Interests

Want to jump in deep and look at some further analysis?

We have a fresh prototype of a new scatter plot visualization to share with you as well as our cohort visualization! (These prototypes are best viewed on a desktop.)

About Thoughtexchange

Thoughtexchange provides group insight software and services that allow communities to have meaningful and productive online conversations. This simple, open ended process ensures everyone can contribute, everyone learns from one another and important ideas emerge.

We surface deep insights for decision leaders and, more importantly, for the participants.

We do this by enabling the people affected by decisions to share their thoughts, consider and value the perspectives of others, and learn from the entire group.

We are unique in creating robust data and detailed analysis from two or three simple, open-ended questions.

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We invited our customers to participate in an exchange where they were asked to share and prioritize their experiences with our software and our team.